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Exam preparation and Revision techniques

Flourish is an outstanding tutoring company that works with all students across key stages. 


Exam preparation and Revision techniques

Flourish with us

With over fifteen years experience working in schools, we understand that knowledge isn't just what's needed to excel in exams: staying calm, planning, building awareness and knowledge of strategies to revise effectively; understanding exam technique, mark schemes and assessment objectives; exploring ways to approach individual questions and understand exactly what the examiner is looking for to increase marks and overall grades, is integral to exam success and is what we cover in our unique and outstanding exam preparation and revision sessions. 

Alongside our revision and exam preparation sessions we also deliver our well-being sessions which cover managing and reducing examination stress; overwhelm with revision and school work; strategies to reduce anxiety; breathing and calming techniques; support with sleep patterns and routines and also offer meditation classes to support.

Please keep a look out on our social media and subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you stay informed of sessions and dates. 

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