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Key Stage 1 (Yr 1 + Yr 2 Primary)

"Reading is the gateway for children that makes all other learning possible." Obama

Key Stage 1 (Yr 1 + Yr 2 Primary)

Making Learning Fun

Wirral's only Little Learners tutoring programme runs every Tuesday 5-6pm at Flourish Tutoring, Heswall. 

These sessions aim to support students in F2, Y1 and Y2 who may need support in phonics and reading. Sessions are planned and delivered by Jayne, Flourish's Phonics Specialist and Early Years Teacher.

Phonics Club: at Flourish, we love to read! Reading underpins all that we do and it inspires, enthuses and engages. Our Little Learner phonics sessions focus on where the process begins: looking at new sounds; practise blending, securing those tricky words and develop an all round love of reading and 'CAN DO' attitude. The aim is to support children and parents in preparation for the statutory phonics screening check. 

Sessions take place every Tuesday, 5-6pm

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