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Transition Support Programmes

Flourish workshops range from identifying barriers to learning and growth

Flourish's Transition Support Programmes

At Flourish, we understand that this can be an exciting time for students, but it can also be a really overwhelming and scary time. We want to help support students to become excited about their transition to school rather than feeling nervous. We want them to begin in September feeling confident and secure rather than worried and anxious.

What’s covered?

• Support with transition

• Strategies to overcome nerves and anxieties, including breathing and calming techniques.

• Building confidence, self esteem and positive inner dialogue. 

• Strategies to help manage change

• Developing a growth and positive mindset surrounding life as a year 3 or year 7 student.

• Finding and navigating new friendships.

• Using social media sensibly and safely including whats app groups (secondary transition)

• Managing worries surrounding workload​ and strategies to help manage organisation skills and homework techniques.

• Q&A with current year 4 or 7 students.

This programme is delivered at Flourish with students and as a school programme in our partnership schools. 

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