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What Schools Say

School Partnerships across Wirral & Cheshire

What Schools Say

“The work that Kate Silcock undertakes with the children is second to none!  She creates bespoke mental health programmes that have a huge impact on the children.  All the children enthuse about the weekly courses with Kate and gain so much support from them. Kate’s insight into building the children’s resilience ready for transition to High School is fantastic and parents have raved about Kate’s care and input with the children.  Kate fitted into our school Ethos immediately – she is an excellent communicator on all levels and her shining personality lifts not only the children in her care but the adults around her too!  Flourish is for all children – I would highly recommend Kate to all schools in the knowledge that there will be 100% satisfaction and 100% impact on the children’s

mental health.”

Jill Pearson, Headteacher, Barnston Primary School.

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“Flourish’s service has been invaluable in building the confidence and self esteem of students The strategies that are taught and the way in which these are imparted, provide the students with transferable skills that boost attainment across the curriculum. Students described the sessions as

being relaxed and fun but also had a real sense of purpose and found Flourish’s approach really supportive.”

Victoria Storey, Deputy Headteacher, Calday Grange Grammar School.

"Flourish’s wellbeing programmes have encouraged our students to become mindful of their own well-being, enabled them to manage anxiety and communicate effectively when they’re not feeling good. We’ve witnessed a huge surge in their confidence and self -belief and are eternally grateful." 

Rebecca Dunn, Fusion College

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"Kate inspires young people of all abilities to adopt a deep understanding and love not only for their

schoolwork, but for themselves. Flourish has so much to offer children in a range of contexts and I highly recommend them without hesitation, knowing they will add huge value to the outcomes you aim to achieve."

Steven Dool, Steven Dool, Consultant Leader in Education

“Once we had decided to run our first-ever Summer School in August 2021, there was only one name which came to mind when considering who might be the best person to deliver the project. We knew from previous work with the school that Kate’s boundless enthusiasm and creativity would be ideal in order to plan an engaging and motivating experience for would-be Year 7 students. Even more importantly, we have complete confidence in her core values and her ability to support, reassure and inspire young people, even those nervously anticipating moving on to high school. As expected, Kate delivered all on levels with the planning and execution of the Summer School.”

Martin Hill (Headteacher, Helsby High School)

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Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 17.40.05.png

“Kate has lots of exciting ideas, is full of energy and positivity and really puts the child at the centre of all her work. She delivered a very successful week which our students really enjoyed and there can be no doubt at all that the students who attended have more successfully transitioned to high school as a result of their Summer School experience. Her approach to her work with young people was very insightfully noted by one particular student, who on the penultimate day remarked ‘I’ve just realised what you are doing, Miss. You’ve got us learning but we don’t know it because we’re having so much fun!'"

Sam Warburton (Deputy Headteacher, Helsby High School)

“Flourish Tutoring's approach in supporting children to improve skills in Maths and English is innovative and creative. The sessions, run by Kate Silcock and her dedicated team, are engaging and exciting, meaning children are motivated and excited to learn; therefore the impact on their learning is significant. Kate and her team believe that mental wellbeing is a pivotal factor in the ability to learn. The mental health programmes they provide are tailored to individuals or groups and have a huge impact on children's emotional resilience particularly regarding the transition to High School. The Blossom project for y5/6 girls focused on children's self worth and self belief. The children gained so much confidence from these sessions as well as vital strategies to look after their own mental wellbeing - they are still talking about them over a year later.  Kate is professional, realistic and understands the daily challenges of school life. Her approach is enthusiastic and she ensures that the children remain the focus of all that she does. We particularly valued working with Kate for our Christmas charity appeal and we were really proud to work with Flourish to provide presents for children in deprived areas of Wirral. Kate has quickly become a member of our school family and we look forward to continuing to build upon our shared ethos and close links in the future. Flourish is 100% recommended by Thingwall Primary School!"

Mrs Evans (Headteacher, Thingwall Primary School)

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What Students Say

“You taught me to see that when people aren’t including me or behaving nicely towards to me that it doesn't mean there is something wrong me, it may mean that there is something going on with them and it’s making them be like that.”


Blossom Programme: age 11

"I love my sessions at Flourish, they’re always fun and creative and I don’t feel embarrassed asking a question or worrying if I don’t understand something, the teachers are so lovely.”


Maths student: age 8

“Thank you so much, this has been the best workshop I have ever been to…ever! Thank you so much, I can’t wait for next time!”


Happy and Confident Workshop: age 9

“You’ve really helped meto calm down when I’m feeling anxious. The hot chocolate breathing and meditation breathing really helps me to get to sleep when I’m worrying. Especially when I’ve got my timetables tests.”


Mindfulness Meditation: age 7

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