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Flourish In Schools

Flourish is an outstanding tutoring company that works with all students across key stages. 

Flourish works in partnerships with primary and secondary schools across Wirral, Cheshire and Chester. 

Flourish has an outstanding reputation when working with local schools. We have a range of both academic and well-being programmes, workshops and clubs that benefit many students across schools. 

For each school we work with, we offer bespoke packages that are personalised to ensure maximum impact. If there is a specific area that your students would benefit from, we are able to tailor packages to suit the needs of your school and individual learners - We understand that every school is different and every child is different; our aim is to support schools, staff and students in maximising positive outcomes. We believe that academic support combined with wellbeing and mindset coaching is the perfect combination to ensure students have the best chance to succeed. 

For more details on programmes and workshops, please refer to designated pages for workshops and programmes.

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