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Key Stage 2 Maths (Yr 3 - 6 Primary)

"Those who never make mistakes, are those who never try anything new." 

Key Stage 2 Maths
(Years 3 - 6 Primary)

Flourish is an outstanding tutoring company that works with all students across key stages. 

At Flourish, our Key Stage 2 maths sessions are designed to help boost your child’s confidence in maths. We run year 3&4 maths sessions and year 5&6 sessions. Our teachers are highly skilled in breaking down potentially challenging areas of maths into easy to understand bitesize chunks. Our sessions are carefully planned to ensure that your child will make progress every week. Our teachers always listen to the children and can plan and adapt lessons to help with any topics that your child may be finding tricky. Your child will learn in a fun, welcoming and engaging environment and we can guarantee that they will leave every session with a smile on their face in the knowledge that they have not only made progress but they have also boosted their confidence. Throughout the year, we cover everything across the KS2 maths curriculum. This includes areas such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, time, money, measurement and statistics. All sessions are personalised to suit the needs of our students. 


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