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Key Stage 3 Maths (Yr 7 - 9 Secondary)

"The only way to learn mathematics, is to do mathematics." Halmos

Key Stage 3 Maths
(Years 7 - 9 Secondary)

Here at Flourish, all of our teachers are qualified and experienced and understand the importance of securing knowledge of what's needed to succeed at GCSE. Our Key Stage Three sessions support students both in the transition from primary to secondary and in the the transition from KS3 Maths to GCSE Maths. 


Key stage three students will experience a wide range of topics designed to give students a deeper understanding of Mathematics and a foundation to build on for GCSE. Students will cover Algebra, Number, Shape, Ratio and Proportion topics with an emphasis on problem solving skills built into every session.


At Flourish, we ensure that bespoke schemes of learning are designed and constantly evaluated to target gaps in knowledge. We are also extremely passionate about supporting students to grow in confidence and establish and nurture a growth mindset in order to overcome any previous barriers to maths that they may have. Students develop a 'CAN DO' attitude very quicky and make excellent progress.

Please refer to our reviews and testimonials page to read what parents say. 

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