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GCSE Maths

"Pure Mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas" Einstein

GCSE Maths

Flourish is an outstanding tutoring company that works with all students across key stages. 

Our teachers have worked in secondary schools for over ten years and are familiar with the many different examining boards and the specifications. We understand the importance of knowing exactly what examiners are looking for and exactly what is needed to ensure you child succeeds and receives the grades they’re truly capable of. 


Our Maths specialists are also qualified exam markers and, as a result, students are not only given the skills required for each topic at GCSE, but also the crucial ability to identify what is required and perfect their exam technique in order to maximise marks. Sessions are planned and personalised to meet the needs of each group and students are given ample opportunity to work on areas they find most difficult. Students will cover Algebra, Number, Shape, Ratio and Proportion topics with an emphasis on problem solving skills built into every session. 

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