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Key Stage 3 English (Yr 7 - 9 Secondary)

"We shouldn't teach great books, we should teach a love for reading."

Key Stage 3 English
(Years 7 - 9 Secondary)

Flourish is an outstanding tutoring company that works with all students across key stages. 

Here at Flourish, all of our teachers are qualified and experienced and understand the importance of securing knowledge of what's needed to succeed at GCSE. Our Key Stage Three sessions support students both in the transition from primary to secondary and in the the transition from KS3 English to GCSE English Language and English Literature.


Students explore a range of texts, writing styles, ensuring students are aware and confident when using sophisticated and varied spelling, punctuation and gramar. Our sessions follow the curriculums taught in Wirral and Cheshire schools and we strive to ensure students feel confident tackling the many different topics within reading and writing. Our aim is to secure knowledge and understanding of the KS3 currriculum in order to to build confidence in tackling more difficult texts and questions at GCSE level. 

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