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A place where potential is unlocked, confidence grows and young people thrive.

Students attend willingly, smile as they enter and grumble when their weekly session is over. We are so much more than a tuition company; we are a company that teaches and inspires young people to strive to achieve their best, not only academically, but personally. We promote and teach growth mindset and resilience and offer a range of well-being workshops and programmes to ensure students really do Flourish.


1:1 Tutoring

Personalised Support

Here at Flourish, we recognise that all young people are different and, at times, may need personalised, individual support.


Group Sessions

Group Interaction

We keep our groups small to achieve the perfect blend of individual attention and group interaction. This helps to build confidence and skills that students can use both in the context of the school setting and beyond.



Emotional and Social Development

Flourish prides itself on the importance of emotional and social development and runs workshops centred around promoting positive mental health and well-being to students.

Sam Warburton (Deputy Headteacher, Helsby High School)

“Kate has lots of exciting ideas, is full of energy and positivity and really puts the child at the centre of all her work.”

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